Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where They Want To Take Us

Henry Giroux does a nice job laying out the four factors that define contemporary, reactionary conservatism: market and religious fundamentalism, militarism, and a privileging of ignorance. I would add that it has the money, propaganda machine, and elite support to keep pushing the the predominant public ideology in its preferred direction, even when it loses elections. So we must then fully face where, exactly, they are pushing us: if current trends continue, conservatives will undermine the remaining shreds of representative democracy in America and establish a theocratic oligarchy propped up by a military dictatorship (or a civilian analog). 
They would, if they could, establish a one-party state that eschews multiculturalism and freedom and basic human decency and attempts to impose their value system and religion on all, with coercion if they must. And in the end, like all such tyrannies, the attempt would fail and democracy would re-emerge. But it would take several decades of murder and misery, and they would permanently weaken the country in the process -- meanwhile leaving humanity’s real problems like overpopulation and climate change unaddressed. 
And that is why political courage and fortitude are so important: this can be stopped, as all such bullying, political or otherwise, can be; but the bullies have to be stood up to directly and confronted eye-to-eye and told “NO” with a   set jaw and a clenched, ready fist. And while that’s not enough to build a decent world, it’s at least usually enough to stop a bully.

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