Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thought of the Day: Conservatives Think They Believe in Diversity

Diversity to conservatives means diversity of skin color or other unchangeable natural characteristics; the only ideas they think are racist are actual, explicit doctrines that preach one race is superior to another.   But their diversity doesn't mean diversity of values, cultures, or ways of life.  But some version of the rugged individualist, free market faith is still demanded of all who would advance in society. Just look at the financial press; there are plenty of minority and women stock brokers and financial analysts.  But there are few, regardless of the traditions and values with which they were raised, who don't adhere to a version protestant work ethic, worship entrepreneurs, or think that freedom = markets.  Very few believe, for example, that work ought to be creative, autonomous, and fulfilling, or that advanced, wealthy nations have a duty to elevate impoverished ones.  You just aren't allowed into the club without conforming to the dominant market values, even if it’s now acceptable to have variation in superficial characteristics like skin pigmentation.  But that’s not deep diversity in values.  

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