Friday, February 17, 2012

Thought of the Day: Vision Begins with Imagination

A vivid imagination is key to healthy mental activity, and therefore key to freedom in general.  The qualities of wisdom that people call "foresight" and "vision" are, in fact, mainly the ability to imagine the world differently than it is, to see in the imagination a path to a better future.  To become conformists people must learn to curb their imaginations, which most learn to do effectively in their youth -- too effectively.  Shutting down the imagination nearly always begins with a variation of the idea, "that is impractical," a thought that when habitual slowly destroys creativity.  This vision-destroying habit makes people think that our current society is the best of all possible worlds and that we can never truly improve upon it.  And those  beliefs stop us from confronting the dangers we face and building a just world.
Creativity, adaptability, flexibility, an experimental approach to life -- and freedom.  All are one and the same, and all begin in the imagination.  So let yours run free today.

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