Friday, January 13, 2012

Climate News That Made Me Smile Today

Some modest good news on the climate front - green investment was up 5% last year. Let's hope it continues to increase at a geometric rate. And a study published in the journal Science argues that fourteen control measures aimed at methane and black carbon (soot) would be affordable and effective measures to limit global warming, reducing it by about .5 C by 2050. Methane is twenty times more powerful a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, and both methane and soot can be removed from the atmosphere more quickly than CO2, leading to more rapid positive effects. 
Meanwhile, Ben Stein violates standard conservative positions on tort reform by suing a climate-friendly company that fired him as a spokesman because of his continuing ignorant and irrational climate-change denialism. So he’s using government intervention to force a company to not only respect, but pay for, a minority perspective. Isn’t that affirmative action? What next, quotas? Will every organization have to have its own ostrich-in-residence?

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