Monday, October 24, 2011

Navigating the Seas Ahead

Greetings and welcome to my blog of political philosophy, Stars Through the Storm.  I gave it that hopeful title because I want to help chart a way out of the Sargasso sea of political paralysis and failure that the Left has been mired in for decades, and thus help steer the ship of our civilization away from the destructive storms and near-certain foundering toward which it is currently headed.  The ultimate result I envision is a political victory that installs a populist, deliberative, truly democratic government; re-organizes the economy to support democracy, community, and the well-being of all; establishes an ethic of social and environmental interconnectedness; ends the war system and creates a just and peaceful international order; and puts human civilization into a sustainable relationship with the biosphere of the Earth.  The aim is to achieve this not in some distant future that the current generation won't live to see, but within a handful of years at best, or a couple decades at most.  That can be done; we can start today, if we choose to.  The Occupy Wall Street protests are a twinkling light peering through dark and troubled storm-clouds, the first truly hopeful sign in years that people are ready for real changes. These protests, and whatever they achieve, should inspire everyone to both be ready for political action and to be open-minded about future possibilities. 

I am not a politically powerful person but only a concerned citizen of the Earth.  I recognize the ambition of the aims I asserted above, and realize the possibility of the Left’s failure; many will dismiss all this as utopian.  In future posts I will explain why it is not, and will also lay out the details of my political philosophy.  Real policy change that saves our society and the Earth is eminently achievable, although certainly not easy.  We already mostly know what to do, and in fact, solutions are lying all over the place; we just lack the political will to implement them. I will not merely offer social and political commentary, but as importantly I will prescribe and guide one way out of our political paralysis, a way that focuses on how to find our political will and unity.  Of course, I don't think I have all the answers, and I certainly believe that we ought to rely much more on the wisdom of crowds.  But as a political theorist who has given our current predicaments a lot of thought, and as someone who has some life-experience to boot, I want to contribute to turning this ship around. In so doing, I hope to help the Left find hope and confidence and fully recover from its formerly demoralized state.

If you despair for the current state of the world, take heart; this can be done, if we find the courage and political will to steer our ship in a new direction.

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